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We provide free 30 minute consultations via telephone. A consultation involves talking generally about the legal problem and identifying a general sense of the work involved to achieve the best possible outcome.

We offer in person meetings by appointment as the next step in the process.

Client and potential client meetings take place at our Fairfax Office conference space or as otherwise arranged.

Hiring Stephen J. Sheehy, III & Associates, P.L.L.C.

Representation commences once a written fee agreement is executed and payment arrangements are made.


Our fee structures vary by the case. Depending upon the case, fees may be reasonable hourly rates depending upon the anticipate demands and timeline of the case, flat fee all inclusive arrangements or hybrid arrangements. Our goal is to tailor fees to fairly capture the level of service and work provided and the value conferred to our client.

Fees vary because they always depend on the seriousness of the matter at stake, the timing and expediency of the case, the anticipated volume and complexity of work, the desired results and other client expectations.

Reduced Fee Options – Limited Scope Representation

We offer limited scope representation in matters that do not involve court action. This usually means our client proceeds pro se (without counsel) in the hearing or in communications, but that we provide advice, legal research and other specifically designated support roles as agreed upon with our client in advance. Limited scope representation can assist a client without breaking the bank. In this way, clients can control fees and savings can be 1/3 or greater than the total fees for comprehensive full scope representation.